Олимпиады, олимпиадные задания по иностранному, английскому языку

Учителям Беларуси.

Test on Listening Comprehension

I. Mark the statements below as "true" or "false".
1. David bought everything he wanted in the afternoon.
2. He had to wait for an early train to London.
3. That time of the day wasn’t busy for the station caf.
4. David found a table in the centre of the room.
5. The man took a biscuit out of David’s pocket and popped it into his mouth.
6. When David saw the man take the biscuit he was too shocked to say anything.
7. The man hurried out of the caf? without saying a word.

II. Choose the right variant.
1. A funny thing happened to David …
a) Last Sunday b) Last Friday c) a month ago
2. David went to London to get …
a) some Christmas presents b) some birthday presents c) some magazines
3. David had to wait before the next train because …
a) he had come to early b) his train has just gone c) his train was delayed
4. David put his newspaper …
a) on the packet of biscuits b) on the table c) on the chair
5. A man sat down …
a) opposite David b) at the nearest table c) far from david

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