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Part 1. Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

For each question 1-10, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D.

0A last B earlier C following D late

People’s sleeping habits have changed over the (0) … 500 years. Before electric lights (1) … invented, most people went to bed soon after it got dark. Today, we can sleep whenever we want to. Most people (2) … to sleep between six and eight hours per night during the week and (3) … to ten hours per night at weekends. The problem is that if we (4) … getting up at the weekend, then we don’t want to get up on Monday morning either! Many of us (5) … like sleeping after lunch and in some hot countries people do sleep in the afternoon. In (6) … countries however, people (7) … to keep working all day with only a short break. We all have dreams (8) … most of us fail to remember them. Some people find it difficult to (9) … asleep. The advice for them is to (10) … taking more exercise and remember not to drink in the evening.

1 A have B had C were D are

2 A encourage B choose C consider D advise

3 A beyond B above C over D up

4 A delay B refuse C fail D force

5 A wish B enjoy C prefer D feel

6 A any B every C another D other

7 A might B have C should D must

8 A because B so C but D therefore

9 A make B fall C get D go

10 A prepare B try C decide D manage

Part 2.Read the text and questions 11-15 below.

For each question, mark the correct letter A,B,C or D.

Last week I visited the village of Portmeirion in north Wales. During my childhood, I’d enjoyed holidays in the area, which is one of the most beautiful parts of Britain. However, I’d never been to village and I had always wanted to. I visited the village in the autumn, which was a good choice as it was less crowded than in the summer. I’d read about its history and knew that the buildings were from many different styles and periods but hadn’t realised how colourful they would be.

Portmeirion didn’t exist in the nineteenth century. The first building didn’t go up until 1926 and the last in 1976. It was built by Sir Clough Williams. From the age of 5, he dreamed of building his own village. He wanted to show that it was possible to build a village in a lovely area and not spoil it. In 1919 he sailed around the British coast for several months looking for a suitable spot. He visited 22 possible sites before he found the place of his dreams at last, just 8 km away from his family home.

Sir Clough had to build cheaply and quickly and I discovered that some of the buildings even have painted windows which were cheaper than putting in real windows! Some were built so that they look grander than they are. The windows in the bell tower, for example, are smaller as you go up the tower, so it seems taller from the ground than it really is.

On my second day there I stood on the balcony of my hotel at dawn. As I looked over the Austrian-style houses and Italian piazzas with the wonderful view of the Welsh coastline in the background, I realised what Clough Williams was trying to do.

11 What is the writer trying to do.

A give information about where to stay in Portmeirion

B compare Portmeirion to other similar villages

C describe a visit to Portmeirion

D suggest what improvements could be made to Portmeirion

12 What surprised the writer about the village.

A the mixture of buildings

B the beauty of the area

C the number of visitors

D the different colours used

13 What was the aim of Clough Williams in 1919.

A to build a village without damaging the natural surroundings

B to make an existing village more beautiful

C to build a village as close to his home as possible

D to visit as many villages as possible before building his own

14 What did the writer find out about some of the buildings.

A They cost more to build than expected.

B They aren’t as big as they look.

C There was a mistake in their design.

D Some of the windows need replacing.

15. Which of these postcards did the write send form Portmeirion.

A It’s my first visit to the area, and I hadn’t realised how lovely this coast if. We hould have a holiday together in Portmeirion.

B I discovered Portmeirion by chance. I’ve really enjoined finding out about its history and looking at the unusual building.

C I hadn’t been to Portmeirion before but I’m pleased I came. I now realise what a special place it is.

D Portmeirion village is getting bigger all the time. I don’t think they should add any more new buildings.

Part 3. Look at the sentence about a race in Canada called The Adventure Race.

Read the text to decide if each sentence 16-25 is correct or incorrect according to the text.

If it is correct, mark A.

If it is incorrect, mark B.

16 The Adventure Race takes place in different countries at the same time.

17 Unless you succeed in a special test, you won’t be able to do the race.

18 You should bring all the equipment on the list you’re sent.

19 Everyone in your team should have the same nationality.

20 Teams need to have their routes planned at least one day before the race begins.

21 There’s a limit on the time allowed between each checkpoint.

22 It won’t matter if you miss one checkpoint.

23 If someone in your team can’t continue, you’ll have to stop too.

24 All four members of a team must cross the finishing line at the same time

25 You’ll receive 500$ to spend on whatever you choose if your team wins.


The Adventure Race takes place in a different part of the world every year. This year, the race is in Canada and cover 300 miles. If you take part, you’ll see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The race begins on 14 July. Part of the race is by horse, part by mountain bike and part by boat. You also walk and run so you need to have a wide range of outdoor skills.

Everyone must pass a skills test before they’re allowed to start the race. You’ll receive an equipment list when you apply for the race. This changes from year to year and you need to remember that everything on that list is essential. You supply your own food and drink so make sure you bring enough. If you don’t bring plenty of food, you’ll be hungry! Each team consist of four members, men and women and you must all come from one country. You need to be very fit but you also need to be able to work as part of a team.

The starting and finishing points of the race remain secret to all those taking part until approximately 24 hours before the start. Teams can then choose their route as long as they pass certain checkpoints. The race takes between six and twelve days to complete. You won’t be allowed to continue if you fail to reach each checkpoint by a certain time. Each team has a «passport” which will be stamped at each checkpoint with the date and time of arrival. If one person is injured or decides not to carry on, the rest of the team won’t be allowed to either.

The first team to cross the finishing line are the winners. You can’t win as an individual, only as one member of the team you start with. There must be no more than 150 metres between the first and the last member of the team reaching the finishing line. All four members receive a plane ticket worth 500$ to the place of their choice anywhere in the world. The second team to cross the line receive climbing equipment.

The races usually attract the attention of the local press so you should be willing to be photographed and possibly interviewed. This is all good publicity for the next year! If you’re interested, we’ll send you an application form as soon as we hear from you. Write to the address at the bottom of this page or look at our website on www. adventurerace.com.

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