Итоговая работа по английскому языку в 5 классе

Прочитай открытку и выбери правильный ответ

I`m writing to you from the Beach Hotel. I`m here with my parents and my cousin Joe. We are having a great time here. The hotel isn`t new but very nice. All the bedrooms have got their own bathrooms.

The place is very nice. The sea is warm. We go to the beach every day. I usually learn to water-ski and Joe goes windsurfing. But he doesn`t do it very well. He often falls into the water.

Today it is raining .I hate this weather because we can`t go out. At the moment my mother and father are having lunch, Joe is writing invitations. We`ll have a little party for our new friends in the evening.

1 a) The hotel is new.

b) The hotel is old.

c) The hotel isn`t nice.

2 a) Donna is with her mother, father and cousin.

b) Donna is with her parents and her brother Joe.

c) Donna is with Joe`s parents.

3 a) Joe learns to water-ski every morning.

b) Joe doesn’t go windsurfing.

c) Joe isn`t good at windsurfing.

4 a) It`s evening now.

b) It`s afternoon now.

c) It`s morning now.

5 a) They will have a birthday party in the evening.

b) They will invite a lot of friends.

c) They will meet some people.

Часть 3 Грамматика и Лексика

Выбери правильный вариант и впиши соответствующую букву ( а — с ) в пропуск.

1 Every year, Sam gets_____electronic game for his birthday.

2 I don`t like_____. I`m afraid of spiders.

a) zoos b) caves c) theaters

3 We_____ run in the swimming pool.

a) can b) mustn`t c) must

4 I want_____milk.

a) any b) some c) many

5 Mary_____ shopping every day.

a) is going b) go c) goes

6 John is in his room. He_____ a film.

a) is watching b) watches c) watch

7 Tom`s a good boy. He`s_____.

a) thirsty b) naughty c) clever

8 Polly and I are twins. _____birthday is on 6 th May.

a) Our b) Us c) We

9 It`s half _____four.

a) past b) after c) before

10 He will_____ tomorrow.

a) comes b) coming c) come

11 _____Tom often go travelling?

a) Does b) do c) is

12 There are two_____ at the railway station.

a) train’s b) train c) trains

13 “Will he come with us?” “No, he_____ .”

a) doesn`t b) will c) won`t

14 They_____ visit their grandmother.

a) now b) often c) every week

15 I_____ do my homework every day.

a) have to b) can’t c) had to

Раскрой скобки, поставив глагол в нужном времени.

1. ______ David _______________ (wash) the car now?

2. My sister_____________ (go) to the cinema yesterday.

3. It ___________ (not be) hot tomorrow.

4. They _____________ (travel) to the sea every year.

5. Look! The birds ____________ (fly) high in the sky.

6. ______ his father ___________ (read) books every day?

7. In 1600 there ___________ (not be) any cars in the streets.

Прочитай письмо Тома и напиши ответ. Используй информацию, данную в карточке и письмо Тома как образец.

We are having a good holiday. I’m staying at the Beach Hotel with my Mum, Dad and my brother, Sam. The weather is great! It is very hot and we go to the beach every day.

We are on the beach today. The sun is shining and it is very warm. I’m writing you a letter. Sam is swimming in the sea. My parents are drinking lemonade in a beach café. It’s very nice here!

A Do you need some help or are you happy just browsing?

B I’m OK. Thanks.

A Just let me know if you want to try anything on. We’ve got more sizes out the back in case you can’t find your size on the racks.

B Thanks, I’m fine.

A Right you are!

A Good morning. Can I help you?

B Good morning. Do you have a copy of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”? It’s a set text for an exam I’m preparing for.

A We do normally keep that one. Let me just look it up on the computer. Yes, according to this we have three copies. Look at those shelves near the window.

A Oh, good evening, I made an appointment to see Mr. Adams this morning. Can I see him?

B Yes, but first I need you to fill out this form so we can get your details. Have you been to our Medical Centre before?

A Oh, no. I don’t think so.

B Good morning, I’d like to play off my overdraft please. I think I owe about $50.

A Right. Do you have your account here at this branch?

Ответы к заданиям

1. D 2. B 3. A 4. C

1. b 2. a 3. c 4. b 5. c

Лексика и Грамматика

1.b 2.b 3.b 4.b 5.c 6.a 7.c 8.a 9.a 10.c 11.a 12.c 13.c 14.b 15.a

2) 1.is washing 2.went 3.reads 4.will be 5.travel

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